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מסלולי טיול - מדריכי טיולים - מורה הדרך יונתן אלתר

מורה הדרך יונתן אלתר

אשדות יעקב איחוד
Tours in English for Tourists

Kibbutz, Agriculture, security
Tours in English for Tourists

Contact: Yonatan Alter - 050-8652-355



1.             Lookout over the border with Jordan, including:

*          An explanation about our position on the map of Israel, the African Rift Valley and its history

*          Man’s arrival in the region (along the African Rift Valley around one million years ago).

*          The birthplace of Christianity (2,000 years ago),
 the birthplace of the Kibbutz Movement (100 years ago).

*          The hydroelectric power plant using water from Naharyim.

*          An explanation about the security situation (500 meters from the border0 in the context of Jordan’s demographic structure. (80% Palestinians controlled by 20% Hashemites), the War of Attrition 1968-1970, Black September and the current situation.

·    Gift: A map of the region in English


2.             Agriculture:

*          Dates, their sexual relations (there is a male tree and a female tree, how do they do it?), why aren’t dates sown? How were dates brought to Israel?

*          Bananas, a tree… a bush? a weed? How many years does a banana tree live? Why is the banana sad? (because it has no luck with sex) So how does the banana multiply?

·    Gift: A taste of dates

                 An hour and a half to this point


3.              Kibbutz: Why was this lifestyle started? What revolution did they achieve? (total, in all areas: language, religion, work, culture)

Education on the kibbutz: shared accommodation - for and against, visiting a kindergarten, visiting a baby house (meeting my grandson).

Socialism, how does it work? and why didn’t it work? what remains of the kibbutz?

·     Gift: A booklet about the kibbutz (in English)

                Another hour and a half


·    The three tours can be mixed

·    Swimming in the kibbutz pool can be included

·    A dairy or meat meal at the charming "Hayoh Hayah" café can be included

·    Hosting can be provided at the homes of kibbutz members

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